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Weekenders Market 22 Oct - 23 Oct

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Here is a sneak peek at our confirmed vendors for our very first Weekenders Market!

Be prepared for exclusive deals and promotions on market day, follow us on @jurongplaygrounds and watch this event space closely! More details of our Weekenders Market will be released closer to the event date. See you there!

Jurong Play Grounds is having it's first ever Weekenders Market on the 22nd October to 23rd October 2022 from 9am to 6pm. (Saturday and Sunday) The Weekenders Market @ Jurong Play Grounds is the largest farmers' and makers' market in the heartlands of Singapore. Be prepared to be greeted by a plethora of market stalls ran by local and homegrown businesses. Expect to see different types of businesses from: -Artisanal Arts and Crafts

-Locally designed/ made products

-Other fresh produce, especially from local sources

-Pet Products

-Child Care Products

-Gardening and plant products

and more! Follow us on @JurongPlayGrounds on Instagram and Facebook and follow this space to receive updates on our Weekenders Market. More updates are coming your way. Don't miss it.

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