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Located strategically amongst some of the biggest shopping malls in the West, Jurong Play Grounds (JPG) is a sprawling nature-oriented family lifestyle precinct. Spanning over 355,000 square feet and located just off the PIE, JPG has its own parking lots and sheltered drop off and pick up points. If travelling by public transport, JPG is also mere minutes away from Jurong East MRT station and the bus interchange, making it a highly accessible location for all. JPG is a short bike ride away from the Jurong Park Connector and the Ulu Pandan Park Connector, both forming part of the greater Western Adventure Loop, making JPG the perfect pitstop for cyclists.

Jurong Play Grounds

(JPG read jā-ˌpeg)

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Activities for the whole family

With a highly curated tenant mix anchored by Singapore’s premier garden centre, World Farm, our activities here are centred around three main themes; Eat, Play, Grow.

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Indulge in a range of mouth-watering delights at the family friendly Al Capone’s. With wallet friendly prices, there’s no surprise why this neighbourhood bar is popping up everywhere. Apart from the usual food and alcohol options, Al Capone’s at JPG is the first pet-friendly Al Capone’s, boosting not only a dedicated dog-friendly alfresco dining area, but also having a gourmet menu specially designed for canines. Apart from that, Al Capone’s at JPG is also the first Al Capone’s offering a delectable brunch menu with speciality coffee, so there’s something for everyone here.

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Take a break from shopping at the nearby malls and head over and immense you and your family into a range of outdoor activities.


And if you’re looking to work up a sweat, enjoy a game or two of padel at Singapore’s latest padel courts, and learn to play the game that’s taken Europe by storm.

Enrol your kids at Happy Fish Swim School where they can learn to swim in comfortable, controlled water conditions, taught by caring & knowledgeable instructors.


Let your hair down and have your fur-kids enjoy a splashing good time at Singapore’s largest dog water park Wag ‘n’ Wild.


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Rent a plot at our Community Garden, become an urban farmer and grow your own vegetables and fruits at your own backyard.


If you’re a complete novice when it comes to gardening and farming, head over to World Farm where you not only get to pick up everything you need to grow your own plants and vegetables, but also learn from the knowledgeable team here to help you on your gardening journey.

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Enjoy the lush pockets of nature nestled amongst the homely heartland area of Jurong East, and feed the fishes in our beautifully landscaped fish pond with over 50 different varieties of fresh water fishes and amphibians. Slow down and admire the colour butterflies in our quaint butterfly garden, or simply lay down a mat to busk in the sun and take in nature.

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