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Jurong Play Grounds Launch Event

Updated: Feb 23

JPG launch event will be held on the 3rd-4th December 2022!

Jurong Play Grounds Launch Weekend

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Jurong Play Grounds: Launch Market, Participating Vendors

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Jurong Play Grounds: Stage LINE UP 3rd Dec - 4th Dec Saturday & Sunday

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Jurong Play Grounds: Food Trucks @ JPG 3rd Dec - 4th Dec Saturday & Sunday

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Tenant Promotions

Join us for another fun-filled weekend at 2 Jurong Gateway road! We have prepared a line up of activities for your family and fur kids, this is not just a usual weekend, this is THE weekend to lookout for! Performances and live show schedule will be released closer to the event date. Expect Dog shows, Balloon sculpting, live music performances. The opening ceremony will start at 9am at the event field (where Uncle Ringo is at) and it will be graced by our Guest of Honor Madam Rahayu Mahzam, MP for Jurong GRC, and our special guest! Minister Shanmugam, Minister of Law.

Do note that the parking lots at Jurong Play Grounds, 2 Jurong Gateway Road will be limited as lots will be reserved for our Guests of Honor from 8:30am-10am, please park your vehicles at the nearest alternative parking spaces at:

· 287E Jurong East St 21 MSCP

· 285E Toh Guan Road MSCP

· Devan Nair Institute For Employment And Employability

. IMM Now let the activities begin!

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary! Tarot reading!

Uncle Ringo - The fun never ends!

Uncle Ringo will be officially open on the 3rd-4th of December from 9am-10:30pm and guess what? There will be FREE entry to their Bouncy Castle for the entire event!

So bring your kids down and have a jolly good time at JPG!

EQUAL in your Neighbourhoof! - Location: JPG Dog Run Takeover - 10am-12pm

EQUAL, a Singapore charity that provides animal-assisted services to help transform lives and strengthen communities.

Understand how partnering with horses can empower beneficiaries with the team at EQUAL along with Ginger and Friday at our Dog Run on 3rd December, 10am-12pm.

Friday (Right)

Ginger (Left)

Support the work EQUAL does by lending a listening ear to the helping hooves!

The Dog Run will be closed off for EQUAL at 10am to 12pm, you may resume your paw-some activities with your fur-kids at the park after Ginger and Friday is done having fun at the field!

Promoting kindness with Society for the Prevention of Cruelty - SPCA - Location: Zone B, in between World Farm and Tai Kwang Gardens. SPCA will be setting up a booth at ZONE B! Animal lovers rejoice! Besides preventing cruelty towards animals, SPCA plays a crucial role in helping animals in need by organising adoption and education outreach programmes. On top of running an animal shelter, SPCA does 24/7 emergency animal rescues and run sterilisation initiatives so that our pets can live healthier and longer lives!

Support the cause! Every dollar you spend at the booth will help SPCA change lives of animals in need. Check out some of the merchandise they will be selling at their booth!

and that's not all! SPCA will be bringing in their new collection to their booth! So keep a lookout!

Turning plastic into reusable goods - The Plastic Project - Location: Zone B, in between World Farm and Tai Kwang Gardens.

The Plastic Project recycles plastic waste from beach clean-ups and household goods into reusable goods, such as homeware, jewelry, and furniture. They also facilitate educational workshops such as beach clean-ups, maker workshops, and seminars. The beautifully crafted earrings, carabiners and coasters by The Plastic Project is made by sorting the type of plastic waste and by their colour. They then go through a process of shredding, melting, moulding and then cut with machines into the recycled products you see above!

Find out more about the intricacies of recycling with The Plastic Project, and interact with the team at Zone B, in between World Farm and Tai Kwang Gardens!

Let’s close the plastic loop together as a community! The Good Burger food truck at Jurong Play Grounds!

The mobile food truck right outside Coronation Plaza is here temporarily in the heartlands of Singapore for TWO DAYS! Be sure to catch them at JPG from 9am-3pm (Saturday and Sunday) before they're gone! The mobile plant-based meat burger joint is serving up delicious Impossible burgers, you may take a look at some of their burgers over here:

You can take our word for it, you won't be able to tell that it is faux meat! Apart from being more ethical, choosing plant based options reduces your carbon footprints because it takes less land and resources to produce plant based meats! So come on down and have a great time dining with The Good Burger, you get to taste one of the best Impossible Burgers in town, reduce your carbon footprint by choosing The Good Burger and have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Weekenders Market - Launch Market / 3rd - 4th December 2022, 9am-6pm.