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Sustainable Gardening
in the Heartlands


Take a stroll through our thriving community garden and you'll see firsthand the fruits of our sustainable practices.

Using our irrigation pond techniques to encourage animal and plant growth, along with the integration of solar-powered CCTVs and street lights, our garden is a living example of sustainable living.

We take sustainability seriously and extend it beyond just our plants.

Our CCTV cameras and street lights are powered by solar energy.  This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also cuts down on energy costs.

CCTV Cameras

Our garden features a unique irrigation system that utilises a rainwater catchment pond to distribute water to our garden plots.


The pond serves as both irrigation and a habitat for aquatic life in our community garden. It contributes to full-cycle growth by utilising natural systems.


Pond water aids in cultivating fresh produce and maintaining ornamental plants. Fish waste recycling creates ideal plant fertilisers.

Ready to join the sustainable gardening movement? Become a part of our community and rent a plot in our garden today! You'll get to enjoy the freshest produce while making a positive impact on the environment.

Sign up as a gardener now over here to the first step towards a greener future.

Completed works at the Community Garden

  • 24/7 surveillance CCTVs covering the entire Community Garden to protect our gardeners plants and crops.

  • 2 meters tall mesh fence around the entire row of greenhouses, with individual lockable gate access to each plot.

  • Community Gardeners may now choose between 2 complementary solutions:​

    • Farming Treatment​ for farming plots

    • Plant Collectors Treatment

  • Solar powered street lights for safety and security reasons.

JPG Community Garden Layout

Are you a plant collector or just looking for a place to grow your own produce?

Secure your plot at our Community Garden today.

Contact us at 6275 3155 or simply fill up the Google Form below. We will get back to you in 3 days!

*Single Plot Rental
Price: $500 + GST per month
Space: 320 Square feet

*Double Plot Rental
Price: $900 + GST per month
Space: 640 Square feet


*Rental Term: ONE year

Security Deposit: TWO months ($1,000 for single / $1,800 for double)

Fit Out: Greenhouse structure with net cover and gate

Water: Each plot is provided with ONE water tap for complimentary pond water (non-potable, subjected to fair use)

Electricity: NOT provided

We'd love to hear from you,

TEL: 6275 3155



JPG, 2 Jurong Gateway Rd, 608512

Follow us at @JurongPlayGrounds for future updates and promotions.

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